Russian Ambassador Ivantsov: Moscow supports territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo: FENA

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Russian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Pyotr Ivantsov told Sputnik news agency that Russia supports the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina in line with the Dayton Peace Agreement (DPA) that ended the 1992-1995 war in the country.  

The territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the elements of the Dayton Peace Agreement, alongside the equality of all the entities and the three state-constituting nations. We have signed this (treaty), this means that we support the territorial integrity of Bosnia, the development of Bosnia as an independent state”, Ivantsov said.

Russian Ambassador said that the current country’s borders might be changed only if people in BiH decide so.

Commenting on possibility of BiH joining the European Union’s sanctions against Russia, Ivantsov said that Sarajevo maintained neutrality regarding this issue. Economic relations between Russia and BiH have actually improved after the introduction of the EU sanctions against Russia, the Russian Ambassador concluded.

Photo: FENA

Furthermore, Ivantsov said that attempts to push BiH into NATO have become more energetic, adding that Russia believed the NATO membership would not contribute to realistic strengthening of security of a country.

We oppose further expansion of NATO in the Balkans. But that is a sovereign decision of nations and countries. We see there is no unity in BiH in favor of the NATO membership”, Ivantsov said.

Asked if there is a confrontation between Russia and the United States in BiH, the Ambassador said that the two countries have stability as the common interest in BiH.

We do not want new conflict in BiH or in the Balkans (…) We have a different approach and opinion on many issues related to development of BiH, but we talk and we have so far tried to find a reasonable compromise”, Ivantsov concluded.